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Our Vision

To be the leading drilling services company in data science and computer vision solutions

Our Mission

We will provide drilling teams with artificial intelligence solutions for their wells' toughest challenges.

Our passion is identifying drilling challenges and applying original strategies using data science and domain expertise to reduce our customers’ NPT and meet their ESG goals.


DrillDocs was founded by Calvin Holt and Francois Ruel, two colleagues and veterans of the oil and gas industry. 

Calvin is a seasoned technical manager who focused his career on implementing emerging drilling technologies for the world's top oil and gas companies.

Francois is our 'wunderkind' SCADA inventor and founder of Hulix, an industrial engineering software company.

Serial entrepreneurs, colleagues at Chevron, and sailing buddies... that's what Calvin and Francois have in common and why they work so well together, sharing the workload and complementing each other's strengths.  

Advisory Board

To make this thing fly, the founders realized they needed experts in the art of running a successful business -- hence the StartUp Board Advisory Committee. It's packed with successful oil and gas services executives who see DrillDocs'  potential as a game changer. 

It's a dynamic team and one we expect to grow as the company scales.

Interested in Investing?  Give us your email and we'll include you when we are ready to raise.

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