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Press Release

DrillDocs and ENI Achieve Industry First with Installation of Computer Vision Cameras on Offshore Rig

August 15, 2023

HOUSTON – DrillDocs proudly announces the installation of its CleanSight® AI computer vision camera on Italian oil company ENI’s deepwater rig, the SAIPEM Santorini. This groundbreaking achievement marks the industry's first-ever utilization of computer vision cameras on a shale shaker during offshore drilling operations, heralding a new era of enhanced drilling efficiency and safety.

Under the year-long contract, DrillDocs’ CleanSight® AI camera will be used on the rig for a 10-month period, followed by a two-month review of the technology’s performance and benefits. The contract between DrillDocs and ENI was signed in April 2023, marking DrillDoc’s first paid offshore trial. The cameras were installed aboard the SAIPEM Santorini on August 3, 2023, in the Gulf of Mexico.

"We appreciate ENI’s confidence in our technology and are proud to be working with an operator that leads the industry in innovation,” Calvin Holt, DrillDocs CEO, said.

DrillDocs has also been contracted by two other international drilling operators to deploy CleanSight® AI for paid trials on US land rigs. These trials are expected to begin by the end of 2023.

About DrillDocs

DrillDocs is a cutting-edge energy services company specializing in innovative solutions for the drilling industry. The company's CleanSight® AI computer vision camera provides unprecedented evaluation and autonomous characterization of drilling conditions, paving the way for safer and more efficient offshore drilling operations.

The CleanSight® AI camera enhances drilling operations by providing a real-time evaluation of hole cleaning and well-bore stability through cutting-edge computer vision technology. The camera uses AI to analyze surface-based cuttings, enabling automatic and accurate assessment of drilling conditions. This innovative solution can enhance efficiency and prevent accidents. As the industry continues to evolve, DrillDocs remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, transforming offshore drilling operations for the better.


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